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      Decisions is a Mississippi based Variety Boutique that Natchez native Kimberly Woods - Carter dreamed of someday owning. Kimberly's desire was to provide new and gently used items for not only women but offer apparel and accessories for children and men as well. Considering what she wanted to offer, finding a name presented somewhat of a challenge. Decisions it was, after months of deliberation, thereby established November 2017. Can you believe after all that, she got scared? Kim feared failure, and the sacrifices she'd have to make, at the hand of something she'd always wanted. Merchandise on hand, and filled with apprehension, Kim had cold feet; she gives credit to her husband and mom for being the voices of reason she needed to get back going, and she reminded herself "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13 

      In June 2018, Decisions made its initial debut on Facebook and then Instagram shortly after. The initial thought was to be online for a while first, considering the rise of online shopping but merchandise quickly outgrew what the Carter's house could accommodate. Kim, with the help of family, spent an entire day turning her living room into a store. "There were two double racks with clothes and the dining room table was utilized for hats and accessories". Kim was a happy camper and was ready to show her husband who came home, smiled and said "you have to go". 

      On Oct.5 2018, Decisions had a home and hosted its Grand Opening. In March 2019 Decisions decided to only carry new items as the store could no longer accommodate both. "The struggle is real but so are the blessings, and I count it all JOY" ~ Kim